Four Pillars

Safety & security

Working with public officials, service providers and stakeholders, efforts are made to introduce advanced monitoring and surveillance equipment to manage and prevent crime. This also enables faster reactions through visible policing and deterrence through presence.

Cleaning & maintenance

We facilitate the nurturing and growth of key relationships.


and CPF

property owners

Local businesses

Local community-based organisations, associations, and interest groups


By focusing on community relations, we give the precinct a voice, we bring it to life and through direct engagement, we can facilitate dialogue with those who have an interest in its sustainability and improvement. This allows for the creation of a sense of unity among stakeholders, a key driving force for positive change.

Community relationship management

A precinct exists to benefit t the people it serves. An emphasis on social upliftment and community engagement allows for direct and indirect benefits to flow from the improvement of the District. This includes:

Uplifting communities

Care and maintenance of green spaces

Informal economy engagement

Social upliftment

Precincts exist to secure and promote an area’s economic engines, increase property value, be an attractive destination for customers and residents, and be seen as a desirable location for business. This is the vital role of urban management, which exists through:



Public benefit